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Comprehensive Business Planning - This service incorporates the paramount skills that Creative Management Group, Inc. has to offer. We address the specific areas of Long Term Strategic Marketing, Value Added Client Services and Team Building to assist financial advisors in taking their business to the next level. CMG takes a hands on approach with weekly contact and daily availability while supplying templates, samples and suggestions gained from our 30 years of involvement within this industry. We strive to uncover your personal goals and plot a course of action for achievement.

Organization - We provide a focus on your most important commodity - time. This concentration includes a business and personal evaluation. We cover items such as defining the difference between imperative and important, usage of sales assistants or other team members and arranging your day to produce the most profitable results. We can focus on items as large as a team or as intricate as bringing order to your desk. Organization is often overlooked but usually most helpful.

Client Service Platform - This is a useful tool that allows financial advisors to design a service menu for each level of their client base. Usually, this is broken down into an A, B, C and D platform. The focus is to define and identify exactly who makes up the Financial Advisor's client base. The goal is to create a 40% to 60 % increase in assets gathered as well as production from existing clients.

Goal Planning - It is a proven fact that a defined, written goal greatly heightens the ability to achieve any goal. This service assists our clients in defining goals in the specific areas of their business. But any goal without an action plan is a dream. Therefore, we follow up these goals with monthly, weekly and daily action plans to ensure the achievement of our client's annual and strategic goals.

A Strategic Marketing Plan - A healthy business requires growth. This service enables CMGs project managers to assist financial advisors in developing a marketing plan in the four most important areas of their business: target marketing, centers of influence, a finite referral program and networking professionals. By developing each of these areas, a Financial Advisor's unique plan and implementation of the specific steps spells success.

Accountability - We assist each Financial Advisor in developing concrete action steps that will ensure achievement of their short term goals. That realization inevitably produces the results of the annual goals which culminate in the success of the long term strategic goals. These action steps are followed up with fulfillment dates from which a weekly "To Do List" should be comprised.

Team Planning / Team Structure and Development - This involves an in-depth evaluation that allows a single financial advisor or a team that is already in progress, to define their own, specific image. We foster this concept by supporting the maximization of the senior partner's strengths while incorporating current or future team members. We provide assistance in areas as broad as defining a mission statement down to segregating roles and responsibilities. We can assist in addressing topics such as commissions, shifting responsibilities, how to grow a team and managing a team.